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Occasionally there will be some website visitors who slip away; not having purchased any products or services, and behavioural retargeting can be used to potentially persuade them in a second attempt. It's a method that can help businesses advertise relevant products to previous website visitors on popular websites such as Google, Facebook and others; perhaps showing your previous visitors the products they viewed or added to their shopping cart basket before they abandoned it.

This method essentially sees a business reach out to previous website visitors, advertising to them once more in a bid to increase sales and maximise return on investment (ROI). For example, an eCommerce website may have a visitor that viewed a selection of products on their website and then left the page. Later that same individual may log in to their Facebook account to check out their news feed, and this is one of the areas where your advert can appear; showing them the products they viewed at on your website, potentially increasing conversions, sales and ROI.

Behavioural retargeting doesn't merely apply to your own lost website visitors, and businesses can capitalise on customers searching for related products on other websites, perhaps your competitor's websites. If a potential customer has been searching for a product that your business sells without being able to find your website or your product, then a retargeting advert can be created to show them your products, perhaps meaning you're kept at the top of their mind for future purchases, while the advert itself will redirect them to your product page.

Google is another popular site that can be used to recover lost customers and it's a search engine that is often used to find relevant products and services. Google uses the term 'remarketing' and is links with an AdWords campaign, allowing businesses to present their products to customers. There is also the opportunity for combining targeting methods, such as interest categories, demographics or keyword campaigns, which can help to retarget with precision, possibly increasing a business's chances of converting the individual into a customer.

Freetimers Web Marketing has created tailor-made behavioural retargeting strategies for our clients, helping them recover lost customers, reach out to new customers and essentially keep their business at the top of mind for a particular product or service.

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