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Welcome to the Freetimers SEO & Web Marketing Blog!  This blog is entirely devoted to that beast of a subject, Online Marketing, a substantial segment of which is associated with SEO.  If you know us, you will also know that our SEO work is amongst the best anywhere, so we hope you will enjoy this blog and that you find it of some use.

So, happy SEO!

Greg Poulson, Managing Director, Freetimers

Many businesses will aim to communicate with their customers on a daily basis through various social media accounts, but the content shared must be carefully considered if you're looking to build your brand and relationships with customers. Conversing with customers and potential customers is an effective form of communication and social media is about being social and building relationships with different individuals, rather than just sending out snippets of old website content that customers may have already come across before. To build a trusted brand, it's important to think about who your audience is and what they would be interested in before you make a decision on the content you publish.

They then may feel the need to return to your social media page for the valuable content and maintain a relationship with your brand. Your audience is not necessarily going to be the same on all of your social media accounts, and content on Facebook may need to be slightly differen...

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