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Content Marketing

Reach targeted audiences with engaging content on the go, on any device, any time, anywhere. 

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Content Marketing

Reaching your audience on the go, on any device, any time, anywhere

Content has always been at the heart of marketing strategy. It’s your means of direct communication with your customers and forms the basis of the relationship which you establish with them. Quality copy attracts and retains your ideal consumers, keeping them informed, entertained and interested so that they will utilise your business over and over again.

A Strategic Marketing Approach

The direct benefits which come from using professional copy are manifold. Good writing is practical yet engaging, creating positive first impressions, adding value and establishing you as a brand who cares about your work. It develops your identity, allowing you to build rapport with customers and maintain interest beyond the initial purchase. Content is also central to your wider marketing plan. It supports your SEO strategy to increase brand visibility and awareness, plus it's an integral feature of your social media campaigns; if you come across well, you'll earn trustworthiness and credibility for yourself.

Creating and Sharing your Brand's Online Presence

Freetimers can help you to drive profitable customer action by creating a thorough content plan for you. Our in-house copywriters will produce and distribute news items, guides, feature articles, blog posts, press releases, eBooks, newsletters, infographics and case studies, plus anything else which you might require.

Copy comes in all shapes and sizes, and we can construct yours however you want us to. Working in conjunction with your overall marketing strategy, your tailored content plan will provide you with valuable copy that ensures a positive customer journey.

We can help you to develop a voice which is fitting for your business - one which will appeal to your target audience, ensuring that they can relate to you. The key to powerful copy is context, using the right tone and the right words to appeal to the right people. A blog is an excellent way to help you develop a brand identity and customer relations, so why not speak to us about our blog management service? We'll help to nurture your brand through regular, relevant posts, boosting SEO, sparking customer interest and accelerating conversions.

Our creative team deliver cleverly crafted, carefully measured content which connects you with your customers and achieves results. Find out more by calling 0800 4584260, or send us an email using our online contact form.

If you're interested in working with us, or perhaps have a question about a service we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.
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