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Microsoft Bing search engine

Microsoft has rolled out its latest Search Engine, to attempt to combat the prowess of Google. Essentially it has a new take on "search", bring decission results rather than actual information type results that Google relates to.

Microsoft BING Search Engine

For example a search for "britney spears" in Google would produce Wikipedia and official Britney bio sites, where as a similar search on BING would result in consert tickets, britney products etc. Clearly showing the differentials between the two competitors!

On the other hand you could say that similar websites produce the same criteria, so infact the same sites will rank similarly on both so actually their not to different at all.

Also Microsoft have been very intuitive about their selection of name, attempting to compete with the well known phrase "Google-it" with perhaps "bing-it" also very similar in sounding to Ping! (which helps with word of mouth marketing)

So BING?? What Is It?

My Take On BING

The first thing that strikes me on Bing is the autoplay feature which starts video search results as you hover over the specific video, which lets be honest here is great. Saves alot of time surfing through sites "bumff" in order to find the exact video you want. Although this does have its faults, for example would you want your child typing in "Britney Spears" and seeing a clip of the homemade (lets say erotic) video she made!? BING itself is combatting this by dignifying responses on Twitter, combatting it by say "there is a similar preferance tool on Google"  though this does take away from the fact that is directly accessible in 2 clicks and does not need any age verification to do so!

BING is deffinately well designed and clean cut, going with the trend of big pictures and striking designs which all the big retailers are bowing towards.

From the homepage there is one click access to video search, products and simple searches which seems to be efficient and user friendly enough! Once a search is done, Bing offers a vast array of tools.Related categories, related searches and a search history on the left. the middle contains the actual search results seperated by catergories while on the write it has similar to this options.

Similar to Google there is product, video, picture and all sorts of other areas to search from.

The Image search option seems to be the flag ship feature, different to Google it incorperates vast results on one page with no tedious next page clicking needed.

Generally Bing is a success (so far), but in the long run the end user will determin its fate, will they be able to find exactly what they are looking for? In my opinion it will be used for retail purpose searches and Google will end up being the information source, not that this will suit Google and i predict changes to encompass this aspect of Bing's advantages.

Google Versus Bing

Who and What Search Engine Is Best for The End User

I had preconceived ideas before this experiment and was completely against Live Search (Microsoft previous attempt at Google Bashing). Simply because i would type in "kanye west" and come up with some internet company selling websites. Although now it has to be said that im overall leaning towards Bing features incorperated into Google, which has suprised me completely, my day to day job as a SEO Specialist mainly with <em>Google, Google qualifications and ten years experiance using it has dismayed my loyalty. Put simple i dont think Bing is as good as Google for what it is, it just points out the weeknesses that Google itself has. Which for me can only benefit Google (atleast for the time being)

Some of the features are so obviously remakes of Google is unbelievably ambitous to even attempt it, for example the news section just makes me feel like im cheating to use it!

The main benefit to us all is the competition aspect of it, so the real winner is us to be honest. Although Bing is a worthy adversary i dont believe they will conquer the allmighty Google in many ways, although Google will almost certainly want to catch-up on a few aspects, most obviously the Video autoplay function.

Im looking forward to competing with the Bing algorithm on a daily basis for my SEO and PPC clients and for personal use!


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