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Pay Per Click Marketing

pay per clickPay Per Click Marketing enables your website to be appear on the first page of the search engine results pages on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Your adverts are displayed above and to the right hand side of the normal results when a search keyword or phrase is typed in. You simply pay a small amount each time a customer clicks through to your website. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns can be set up to suit your budget, giving you instant results and a measurable return on your investment.

Pay per click is used by a many websites, and is especially useful to new websites who have yet to be indexed by the search engines. Pay per click is the easiest and quickest way to bring traffic to your website from day 1, we can get you up and running within just a few hours, and can even offer a no-risk free trial.

Different Pay Per Click Search Engines

google adwordsGooge AdWords works by allowing you to bid on keywords that your customers are likely to type into their Google search engine. If you bid on a keyword and your bid or quality score is high enough, your advert will show up on Google next to or above the regular search engine results (serps)

yahoo search marketingYahoo pay per click works very similar to Google, however the costs can be a lot lower as the traffic to this search engine is lower than for Google, very good if you have a lower budget and need some traffic to your website.

microsoft adcenter Microsoft Adcentre pay per click is microsoft's answer to the two examples above. Advertising here is substantially much cheaper than the other two, nevertheless this still gives great results.


Facebook Ads allow businesses to connect and engage with their target audience, while also being able to select the demographics of potential customers; such as gender, age and location. With Facebook it’s also simple to monitor an adverts performance, and ultimately calculate a return on investment (ROI).


Smaller Pay Per Click Search Engines

There are smaller pay per click engines which may be important or relevant to your business, if you wish to be listed on these, please let us know when you contact us.

Pay per Click management

Here at Freetimers Web Marketing we have an in-house management team set up to manage all of our pay per click clients. Using state of the art tracking and software, together with copywriters that produce eye-catching adverts, we have a team that works with you to produce the results you want to achieve with your PPC campaign.

All of our clients have a dedicated pay per click account manager who looks after their account, and can be contacted direct by phone or email when you need them. You can be sure your campaign is in the right hands as our marketing team look after several very successful pay per click accounts. You control how much you want to pay each month and that's it, we will send you a detailed monthly report on visitors, clicks and ROI (return on investment) and sales to keep you up to date with your current PPC (pay per click campaign.)

Please contact us on 01604 628429. if you would like to speak to someone about a pay per click campaign, and how we can help your business come out on top.

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