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Central Mailing Services

CMS are a direct mail fulfilment house with a full range of mail distribution and design services operating near Birmingham UK.  With an already existing site, they came to us in early 2014 to assist them with a suite of SEO and CRO services to help them build up their rankings and enquiry rates.  We also undertook some modest amendments, added a number of new landing pages and then improved the CTAs and conversion potential for many of the website's more important pages.

The site immediately started showing improvements, and as these were realised, the client wisely expanded the service to provide a more secure SEO infrastructure, and to commence a local SEO strategy based on radial expansion from their base of operations.  Issues with other online providers eventually meant we were asked to take over hosting and management of the website. A brand new fully responsive site has now also been completed and successfully launched, again adding to the steady across the board improvements of the website's results.

Google No 1 s 195
Visitor Improvement (24 months) +234%
Local Location No 1 Listings 1966
Monitored Phrases (total 919) in Top 5 328
Monitored Phrases (total 919) in Top 10 388
Most Important Phrases in Top 10 12 of 20
Increase in Website Enquiry Rate +3000%
Search Engine Optimisation (On-site and Off-site)
Search Engine Results Monitoring & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Website Popularity Improvement
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Article Writing and Distribution
Landing Pages Design & Development
SEO & Online Marketing Consultancy
Keyword Analysis
Search Engine Rank Tracking


As of spring 2016, approximately two years from commencement of our work, the website visitor rate is now more than 200% up, and the enquiry rate and sales have skyrocketed.  Enquiries are now at least 30 times what they were when we started :

"We have worked with Freetimers since March 2014 and we have seen a huge increase in the number of enquires we receive from our site thanks to their work. We used to receive 1 - 2 enquires a month, now we receive 3 - 4 enquires a day."

(Richard Morrow, Sales Director).

Additionally our localisation strategy and general SEO has delivered almost 200 No 1 rankings for their monitored phrases, plus nearly 2000 more No 1s for location based phrases as a result of our local SEO strategy.  We expect to see this business continue this rate of growth well into the future.

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