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Mobile SEO

We can boost your rankings for mobile searches as well as on desktops. Google uses a separate mobile algorithm so just because your site ranks well on a desktop doesn't mean it will on mobile devices.  We can sort it out for you...

Mobile SEO

If you have a responsive or mobile version of your website, it is important to note that Google now uses a separate version of its algorithm to rank websites on mobile devices. This will be particularly important if your site targets a significant proportion of its visitors from the general public and 'consumers', who generally will use mobile devices much more than most businesses. 

Google is also now gradually reducing the rankings of non-mobile friendly websites.  When searching on mobile devices this ranking differential to the desktop is now becoming much more marked, and even desktop searches are showing smaller ranking reductions for non-mobile-friendly sites. 

Many design and digital agencies will ignore the SEO-friendliness of the mobile versions of websites, and may even remove SEO related functionality from responsive sites when they are viewed on a mobile.  This means you could be losing rankings and market share if the mobile version of the site is not looked after properly from an SEO perspective.  On a large number of mobile versions of sites, content is often purposely restricted and removed in order to deliver the easy to use un-cluttered presentation on a mobile that is preferred by many consumers.

We can help you reverse any problems that may be developing, and ensure that your rankings are monitored for mobile devices as well as desktops. If you feel your website is not performing as it should, or the content on your mobile site is quite restricted, it may be worth contacting us to undertake a review of your site's performance.  Please contact us in the first instance for a free initial discussion.


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