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Multi Channel Call Tracking

Maximise the potential of your marketing spend.  We can track and accurately attribute online activity and phone calls so you will know how well each of your marketing channels is really performing.

Multi-Channel Call Tracking & Channel Attribution Analysis

A long-standing problem in marketing has been to acquire accurate data of where visitors, enquiries, leads and sales are coming from and which advertising methods and channels are delivering these.  How many does each deliver, are there variations in their quality or value, what is the cost v benefit and the ROI for each channel and method, and ultimately which channels are the best, and which ones should be reduced or curtailed altogether?

If this isn't difficult enough, there are also issues related to tying or attributing potentially untraceable connections with a channel.  In online marketing, a big hole in the figures has been telephone calls, ie when someone phones in with an enquiry, how have they found you?  Callers are notoriously untruthful about where they found you, consciously or not, and often they will simply say the first thing that came into their heads.  Then there is the question of which channel made the most substantial contribution, the first they found, the last one they used or something in between?  Most active businesses may have multiple channels working for them simultaneously so knowing which ones have truly made a contribution can be vitally important in making sure your scarce marketing budget is used to maximum potential.

Freetimers can now offer you a solution which not only provides web tracking via analytics but also integrates into this a phone call capturing system which does correctly attribute the phone call to the channel that produced it.  Our solution plugs the main gap in the figures which up til now has always been a huge problem in any analysis of channel attribution.  Bear in mind no solution is perfect, and there are some holes remaining in this one, but it is fundamentally more accurate and does represent a game-changer in this field. Certainly, we think so, and in our opinion, the system is accurate enough that you can make reliable business decisions based upon the results.  Previously, the holes were so large as to make any decision based upon them problematic and a bit of a shot in the dark.

The other important aspect of our solution is that for most businesses, it is readily affordable even by quite small organisations. 

If you find our Multi-Channel Call Tracking and Attribution Analysis of interest, please ring us to find out more and for us to provide you with a quote.


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