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Our Clients

Freetimers works with businesses and organisations of every shape, size, type and sector.  Our primary focus is on SMEs engaged with their marketing and actively interested in how their precious budgets are deployed.  We will add value and we want you to know it...

Our Clients

Most of our clients are SMEs, small to medium businesses, from startups to probably £100M turnover. We have clients spanning a great variety of business sectors,  ranging from multi-national companies to start-ups and micro-businesses. Whether you are a local business focusing on a single county, targeting a region or the whole of the UK, or worldwide we will be happy to provide your business with SEO and marketing solutions to fit your requirements.

Our preference is probably to work with smaller businesses with turnovers between £500k and £50M because we believe that the owners and principal directors of a business will most appreciate the analysis, tactical and strategic thinking that we can offer, with of course the potential for success that provides.  We work with many clients as a kind of virtual board member, and as a sounding board for the owners to consider all aspects of their business and marketing strategy, including online. This is because our directors have worked in strategic roles in significant businesses before, and so have a significant pool of experience and expertise to offer to clients, in addition to branding, digital design, programming and online marketing, which should flow ideally from strategic decisions.  For many of our clients, we also undertake a significant role in helping them develop their back-office systems, which can play a very important part in streamlining a business's operations, maximising services to customers and keeping prices as low as possible to maximise their potential customer base.  All of these matters directly relate back to a business's marketing strategy.

Interested Business Clients

Amazingly, we have found over the last 19 years that many website owners are not very interested in their websites!  The result is that we prefer to work with customers that are interested, that see their websites as integral to their business, and that do treat it as their business' shop front.  Like any shop front, a website needs to respond and interact with its environment and to continuously improve itself to maintain good ongoing custom. Marketing a business and a website is a constant job that needs constant attention.  By definition, it cannot be a 'quick fix' or a one-off bit of work for it to be successful.  We prefer therefore to work directly with business owners, owner-operators and main board directors, who are interested in their business, and its online website presence.

Partnership with Clients

Freetimers works in partnership with you, every day.  Our goal is to help you build your business.  Our success depends on it.

Partnership with Design, Advertising and Marketing Agencies

We regularly work with a variety of agencies to assist their clients with the best service available.  If you run an agency and are seeking a web marketing and SEO partner to work with your clients and enhance your standing, Freetimers should be your choice.

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