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Technical and Structural Audits

SEO success can be a hard thing to achieve, particularly when Google can be a real stickler for technical details and structures which most website owners would hope to not have to deal with.  If your site is not performing as you think it should, it could be suffering.  We have the experience and technical expertise to audit your site in depth, and then to fix the problems.

Technical and Structural Audits

Is your website not performing as you think it should?  Have you done some SEO and it's still not ranking?

Websites can be complex creatures, and the more complex they are, the more it seems that Google will mess around with you. Google is now very particular about how websites should be organised and structured, and because of this, it is very easy to unknowingly present a website to Google which it doesn't like.  And when it doesn't like it, it usually means your rankings will be depressed, sometimes in a minimal way, but sometimes also in a significant way which can materially harm your business.

Structural Issues with Websites

There are a myriad of factors which can cause issues for Google, including rogue inbound links, canonical problems (presenting Google with multiple versions of each page or product), duplicate content, badly organised meta information, incorrect htaccess and robot.txt files, hacked content and dodgy files, contradictory or incorrect DNS settings, faulty SQL search queries, incorrect implementation of responsiveness, etc, etc. Just because you've used a well-known package like Word Press will not mean you are immune, not by a long shot.

All problems such as these can be fixed, but they have to be discovered first.  Know right off that the majority of web designers and digital marketers will not know about many of these things, and yours may have inadvertently created one or more issues when they developed your site.

Fixing Technical and Structural Problems with Your Website

We can help you.  As a well-established 1st generation web marketing, development and programming business with a large client base, our SEO specialists and senior programmers have vast knowledge and experience with these sorts of issues.  We know how to find them, replicate them and fix them.  The majority of the time the problems are quick to fix and recover from, although occasionally if they are deep in the structure of a site, a more substantial re-working may be needed.

The starting point is to have us undertake a detailed technical and structural audit.  We will analyse your site and domain name records in detail, and provide you with a report of the issues found and their severity, along with our recommendations for fixing them.  We can then fix the issues for you, or you can use your preferred developer.  If you do have an issue, then it is important not to wait to get it sorted.  The longer you wait, typically the more damage will be done, and the longer it may take to recover from.

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