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International SEO

Do you need your site to rank well internationally? We can increase your rankings, visit and enquiry rates in the countries you need, worldwide.

International SEO

Achieve Higher Rankings, Enquiries and Sales from your Internationally Targeted Markets

Since Google started including localisation as part of its search algorithm a few years back, search engine optimisation has become ever more tricky if you want to really get it right and capture top rankings in all your targeted regions.  For websites wishing to maximise their potential worldwide, Google has both explicit and hidden rules which need to be carefully followed to ensure one doesn't end up breaching those rules and incurring a penalty or a deprecation of your search rankings.

Technically there are approved structures for multi-region and multi-lingual targeting websites which we can help you navigate, set up and maintain. Further, ideally, a website's hosting and referring content infrastructure will also have a presence in the regions targeted, and have referring content and demonstrable popularity in the languages and regions covered.  For example, if one wants a website hosted in the UK to rank well in Japan, it may need to have a Japanese language version and demonstrate to Google that there is online interest in it in Japan, ideally from some reputable and authoritative sources.

We can help you establish and maintain all the structures required, as well as undertake the on-site and off-site SEO so you can achieve high search rankings and higher enquiries and sales in all your targeted markets.

If your business is targeting overseas markets and you need help getting your online presence where it needs to be, then you should contact us to discuss how we can help.


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