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We will help you increase your Google rankings, improve the conversion potential of your web pages, engage with your customers, and increase your Sales and Profits

When you are a client of ours, we work with you as your dedicated long term strategic partner, to help you continuously improve your rankings, enhance your brand and help grow your business, and on a basis, you can afford.  We embrace a Continuous Improvement™ process as one of our main services, and from our REAL case studies below you can see for yourself how we continue, relentlessly, to find ever greater improvements spanning many years.

A great number of our clients have been with us for over 5 years and some over 10. Our results speak for themselves, and because you can see the progression over the years, you can see our service is not the 'flash in the pan' service that you may have received from other SEO agencies.  We show a considerable number of case studies so you can see we're not limited to only a handful of clients, but that we generate a clear pattern of genuine success. We would love to assist you to help you grow your business, just like we have for all the clients shown below.

If you can find someone producing better results, please let us know!

Pet Business World

sector: Pet Trade Industry News & Directory

Results Summary at end March 2020

Pet Business World is a Pet Industry Trade magazine and publishing business (online and offline) and has been a client of ours since 2010.  Since starting their SEO and building their website, the monthly visitor rate to the website as risen from around 4.5k to 409.3k in 2020. The site has been the leader in its sector for several years and continues to grow.

Increase in Visitors +8917%
Google No 1 s 118
Top 5 Rankings 254
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Garage Doors Online

sector: Garage Doors Online Retail & Ecommerce

Results Summary to end March 2020

Beginning as a new startup website in 2008, this site has seen phenomenal growth.  Starting from nothing it has grown to be the ecommerce sector leader in its field.  It  has been the No1 ecommerce website for the sale of  'garage doors' for the last couple of years, at least.

Google No. 1s: 109
Rankings in Top 5: 316
Visitor rate improvement since 2009: +4,909%
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George Davies Turf

sector: Turfing Supplier

Results Summary to end March 2020

Another true success story, this turf supply and logistics specialist has been an SEO client since 2011. A very seasonal business it continues to grow at an amazing rate.  We currently monitor more than 1177 search phrases, and have increased the number of top 10 rankings to more than 1000 search phrases.

Visitor Improvement (since Aug 2010) +5339%
Most Important Phrases in Top 10 20 of 20
Google No 1 s 615
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National Domelight Company

sector: House and Garden, Construction, DIY

Summary of Results  to end March 2020

A long established business, we started working with NDC in 2007 and we have helped them achieve substantial and continuous growth over that period, and they are now one of the top sites in their sector in the UK, with more than 800 top 10 rankings on Google.

Visitor Improvement since 2010 +1610%
Google No 1 s 204
Top 5 Rankings 568
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UK Sleepers

sector: House and Garden

Results Summary to end March 2020

This eCommerce site was originally a new startup.  No. 1 on Google for its main product line "Railway Sleepers", the site has seen truly awesome growth and is now the sector leader in the UK, with a £Multi-Million turnover.  Most of its products are in relation to garden improvements, so it is a very seasonal business, as you can see from the graph.  Still achieving huge sales growth, in the last two years, sales have more than doubled.

Visitor Improvement since 2010 +836.30%
Google No 1 s 245
Top 5 Rankings (of 844 total) 518
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Lifting Equipment Store

sector: Lifting Equipment, Construction, Shipping

Results Summary to end April 2021

An established ecommerce website when starting SEO with us in mid 2013, we have increased their Google top ten rankings by 800+%, and this has reinvigorated the business with materially higher visitor and sales rates being achieved.  We've also now set up a completely new responsive website using our multi-site/multi-channel management platform. Currently the UK's No 1 site for Lifting Equipment.

Google No 1 s 218
Increase in Visitors +781%
Most Important Phrases in Top 10 17 of 20
Top 5 Rankings 387
Top 10 Rankings 451
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The Garage Door Centre

sector: Garage Doors Retail

Results Summary to end March 2021

We started working with this site in 2006, and it has now been the leading site in the sector for more than 15 years, helping to make this client the UK No 1 retailer of garage doors.  The site is currently No.1 on Google for the generic phrase "Garage Doors".  A major re-development of the website is now in progress so watch this space.

Increase in Visitors +21,639%
Google No 1 s 226
Top 5 Rankings 554
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sector: Air Compressor Support, Maintenance & Equipment

Results Summary at end March 2020

Our SEO service was started with Maziak in mid 2011.  A compressor services and equipment maintenance and retail business, Maziak's business has been growing steadily, and we have helped achive large increases in enquiry rates as well as huge increases in their website's coverage on Google, increasing from 80 top 5 positions to over 500.

Increase in Visitors +435%
Google No 1 s 222
Top 5 Rankings 579
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Cranes UK

sector: Cranes, Construction, Logistics

Results Summary to end April 2016

A new website and domain name in 2014, this brochure and information site in the cranes sector, has achived phenominal growth in the 24 months since we started on the site's SEO. It is now one of the leading sites in the sector, with huge increases in visitors, Google rankings and enquiries.

Increased Visitors (24 months) +2165%
Most Important 10 Phrases in Top 10 9 of 10
Google No 1 s 34
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CTR Lasers

sector: Laser Cutting Equipment Manufacturer

Results Summary at end March 2016

CTR is a UK based developer, manufacturer and retailer of laser cutting and engraving machines, mostly UK-sales focused but with some over-seas sales as well. Since starting with us in 2012 we have increased the number of their site's top 10 Google rankings from 5 to over 400, an 80-fold increase.  Currently the Google No 1 for their main search phrase, 'laser cutting machines'.

Visitor Improvement +615%
Google No 1 s 202
Top 5 Rankings 363
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High Street Dental

sector: Leicestershire Dental Practice

Results Summary at end January 2013

High Street Dental is a significant dental practice in Melton Mobray, Leicestershire who became an SEO client in January 2012.  Through progressively updating their website and our SEO, their site has brought about a huge increase in visitors, enquiries and clients.


Increase in Visitors +955%
Google No 1 s 96
Top 5 Rankings 164
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Avant Garde Roofing

sector: Domestic & Commercial Flat Roofing Specialists

Results Summary to end March 2016

A small flat roofing specialist contracting business who became a client in 2011, started off with very local targeting but is now hugely expanding with the business trebling in size.  When they came to us they had 4 top 10 rankings, now they have 550+.

Increase in Visitors (4 yrs) +1061%
Google No 1 s 234
Top 5 Rankings 433
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Enterprise Control Systems

sector: Security Equipment Design and Manufacture

Results Summary at end March 2016

A winner of the Queens Award for Innovation, this internationally trading security equipment developer and manufacturer has been a client of ours now for many years.  We undertake SEO for them internationally in Europe, the Americas, Africa and the Middle East, achieving consistent growth in rankings and visitors in every region.

Increase in Visitors +361%
Google No 1 s 123
Top 5 Rankings 190
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sector: Hospitality, Weddings, Events

Results Summary - 14 months to end April 2016

This locally targeting Marquee Hire and Professional Events staging business has achieved good results effectively in only a year, which included a pause in their campaign for a few months.

Increase in Visitors (14 months) +211%
Google No 1 s 12
Top 10 Rankings 207
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Samson Doors

sector: Industrial Doors, Security Systems, Residential Doors

Results Summary to end March 2016

A specialist in industrial, commercial and residential doors, garage and warehouse doors, security shutters, grilles and more, this long-term ecommerce client of nearly 10 years has seen a 4000%+ increase in top 10 rankings and huge sales growth and this continues to accelerate.

Visitor Improvement since 2010 +798%
Google No 1 s 69
Top 5 Rankings 221
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