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Ecommerce Tracking

Ecommerce Tracking

Understand the Customer Experience and Journey through the Site and the Buying Process

If you have an eCommerce website, knowing how well it is working, and understanding the customer experience and journey through the site and the buying process can be vitally important to keep your site moving forward, increasing sales and staying ahead of your competitors.

Website Analytics - A Powerful Ecommerce Tool

Google Analytics can be a starting point, but to really get into it, adding advanced eCommerce tracking will give you much more targeted and valuable information. We use it every day with many of our e-commerce clients, and it can provide on-going insights so pages, calls to action, and access to help, validation and other information can all be progressively improved (using CRO, or conversion rate optimisation).  This improves the customer experience (UX), streamlines the buying process, and increases conversions, sales, ROI and profitability.

Advanced Ecommerce Tracking

We have integrated numerous sites with advanced e-commerce tracking, so we could most likely help you too, not only with the installation but with understanding the relevant parameters and KPIs for you, and setting these up with custom reports.  Further, we can provide on-going assistance and consultancy, or you can receive this as a matter of course as part of our normal Ecommerce SEO & Web Marketing service.

If you are interested in eCommerce tracking, please give us a ring for a free initial discussion of your needs and how we can help.

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