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Maziak Compressor Services Ltd was founded in 1970 in Northamptonshire by Sarah and Joe Maziak. Despite its local roots, the quality of the services Maziak offers has led to many projects and service contracts for clients all over the UK. Maziak, who already had a mature internet presence, approached Freetimers to produce a new, more professionally validating website, but also to help them expand their business regionally. Through previous web developers and marketing agencies, Maziak had achieved some growth, but this had now plateaued, and they needed assistance to take it further. Freetimers developed the new website and started SEO in mid 2011.  The SEO and our continuous improvement process more than doubled the visitor rate to the website in the first year, and achieved a 75% improvement in enquiry rates, identifiable as coming from the website. Now after nearly 9 years, a new website is in progress, and the visitor rate for the site has improved by more than 400%.

Increase in Visitors +435%
Google No 1 s 222
Top 5 Rankings 579
Top 10 Rankings 689
Increase in Telephone Enquiries (in 1st 18 months) +75%
Search Engine Optimisation (On-site and Off-site)
Search Engine Results Monitoring & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Website Popularity Improvement
Blog Creation and Posting
Keyword Analysis

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