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The Garage Door Centre

We started working with this website in 2006, and it has now been the leading site in the sector for more than 15 years, helping to make this client the UK No 1 retailer of garage doors.  The site is currently No.1 on Google for the generic phrase "Garage Doors".  A major re-development of the website is now in progress so watch this space.

The Garage Doors Centre appointed Freetimers in 2006 to re-vamp their main site Shortly after that, we started on the website SEO and it has never looked back.

15 years on, the group now has some 15 websites and the main sites visitor rate has increased by over 21,000% (we are aware this figure seems unbelievable, but it is true). As a whole, the business has evolved from being a small regional player to the UKs No1 retailer of garage doors. The main site has now become THE authority site for garage doors in the UK. Freetimers and TGDC work together closely every day at all levels of the business.

Our SEO strategy has evolved throughout the 10 years of working with The Garage Door Centre.  To begin with, we did not simply target the big phrases such as "garage doors" but instead focused on the business regional presence.  We quickly achieved local top 5 and 10 successes which boosted the companys sales and formed secure foundations for further growth, and for expansion of the SEO, both in terms of the search phrases targeted and in the locations covered.  As more areas were captured the keyword targeting also expanded, first radially outwards, then to conurbation related phrases, sub-generics and finally the generic phrases themselves.  Once the site was strong enough to attain no 1 rankings for generic phrases, long-tail, niche and specific products were also targeted, until complete coverage of the whole of the relevant phrase landscape could be achieved.


Increase in Visitors +21,639%
Google No 1 s 226
Top 5 Rankings 554
Top 10 Rankings (of 863) 624
Most Important Phrases in Top 10 20 of 20
Authority Site for Garage Doors UK No 1
Un-monitored search phrases in Top 10: 35,000+
Search Engine Optimisation (On-site and Off-site)
Search Engine Results Monitoring & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Website Popularity Improvement
Content Marketing
Blog Creation and Posting
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Article Writing and Distribution
Pay Per Click (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin)
Customer Journey and Website Usability Analysis (UI, UX, CX)
Advanced Analytics, Goal Setting and Continuous Improvement
Landing Pages Design & Development
A/B and Multi-Variant Testing
SEO & Online Marketing Consultancy
Keyword Analysis
Search Engine Rank Tracking
Website Technical/Structural Audits
Google Shopping
Google Places
Multi-Channel Ecommerce Management Systems


The result is that thegaragedoorcentre website has now achieved comprehensive coverage on Google and other search engines for in excess of 30,000 search phrases achieving top 10 and better rankings.  Covering the full range of segments and different points of the customer journey for multiple persona types has produced a visitor rate improvement to nearly 22,000%, 20 of the most important phrases in Google No 1 position, and 624 of 734 monitored phrases in the top 10.

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