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Better Understand Visitors with Marketing Attribution30th September 2013

For any business, informed decisions are essential in improving a return on investment (ROI), and gaining the information to make those decisions can be tricky, which is where marketing attribution can help.

Modern marketing often involves many different methods, which is not limited to but could include emails, search engine optimisation (SEO), pay per click marketing (PPC), or social media marketing. To better understand a customer and also better understand your own marketing strategy, it’s important to know which of your channels have the most impact on a visitor’s purchase decisions.

There are many ways of assigning a value to each marketing channel. For example, last attribution assigns 100 percent of the purchase recognition to the final clicks made in a conversion, while there is also first interaction attribution which offers 100 percent of credit to first touch point, whether it’s email, a social media website or a pay per click advert.

There are also more detailed attribution models, such as time decay, which awards most of the credit to the channel that interacted with the customer for a longer period of time. Better measuring your marketing strategy and your customers can be achieved, but deciding on the attribution model that is right for your business requirements can be difficult.

Freetimers offer attribution models to suit every business type, with different levels of accuracy. To make sure you improve your ROI by making informed decisions, speak to Freetimers today on 01604 638421.


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