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Creating Email Newsletters to Engage with your Target Audience27th November 2013

An effective email newsletter can help your business engage with its customers whilst also improving sales. Billions of emails are sent and received every day, and though email marketing is recognised as one of the first forms of online marketing, an email newsletter is still one of the most important methods. Today emails can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops, mobiles, tablets and eBook readers amongst other devices, meaning email newsletters can be extremely effective in terms of reaching previous customers and potential customers.

Email newsletter campaigns can help businesses build relationships and eventually persuade individuals to become your customers, while they can also ensure that your business stays at the top of a potential customer’s mind. Retaining previous customers is fundamental and by reminding them about your range of products and services, you can potentially generate further enquiries and potentially sales.

Producing persuasive and engaging content in email newsletters is vital, especially if you want to maximise return on investment (ROI). Freetimers has been helping clients set up and manage successful email newsletter campaigns for a range of our clients, and we have in-house copywriters available to produce effective and engaging content.

If you want to maintain strong relationships with your customers and attract new customers in the process, then we Freetimers can help. For further information on our email newsletters or to find out more about our web marketing services, then contact our Web Marketing team today on 0800 4584260.


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