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Google attempt to excuse the inexcusable 20th March 2017

Search engine giant Google has been forced to explain how it failed to properly manage the placement of tax-funded government advertising on YouTube, after campaigns were positioned beside extremist content including rape apologies and preacher haters. 

The YouTube owner proceeded to excuse this poor level of content management, due to the large amounts of advertising placed on this platform. The response begs the question ‘Why aren’t funds from such high volumes of advertising being used to support better management of ad placements, or quality management of the content placed on this platform? 

Google UK managing director Ronan Harris boasted “Google had removed over two billion ads in 2016.” This statement doesn’t explain why such a large volume of inappropriate content is allowed to be published in the first instance.

Despite Google’s error, the UK Government is intending to continue campaigns once the issue has been resolved, in order to effectively engage with target audiences for army recruitment and blood donations. However, Marks and Spencer have today followed the lead of banks HSBC and Lloyds by withdrawing advertisements from YouTube in order to avoid appearing next to content supporting terrorist organisations including ISIS.



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