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Google Confirms Significant Updates to Website Quality Assessment10th June 2015

People have been noticing changes to Google rankings since early May, yet despite this, Google had not come forward to acknowledge any changes or updates. Search Engine Land quizzed Google over the changes, asking whether it was due to an algorithm amendment such as an update to Panda. Google said no, causing people to label the mysterious changes the ‘Phantom Update’. 

Now, however, Google has come forward to say that the changes we’re seeing are due to core ranking algorithm changes. This is affecting the way in which quality signals are now being processed. People have started referring to it as the Quality Update instead. 


Whilst this update has produced noticeable falls in rankings for many people, it is important to remember not to panic if you have been affected. Google updates algorithms on a regular basis, often without prior warning, and these kinds of changes are inevitable. As SEO experts begin to understand what the changes mean for websites, they can begin to put fixes in place to help the websites that have been hit. 


Here are the three main areas that will require attention following the Quality Update: 


• Content. Duplication could have severe consequences for your website’s rankings. The update will also target thin, irrelevant content that does not add value for visitors to the website. 


• Design. Poor layout and annoying pop ups will affect the quality of a website and could therefore have a negative impact. 


• User experience. The Google Quality Update is ultimately about ensuring that websites ranking highly on SERPs will provide users with a positive experience. Websites should avoid spam at all costs and should instead provide content that is well presented and relevant for readers.





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