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Google Updates Core Ranking Algorithm14th January 2016

Over the weekend, many webmasters have been reporting ranking changes in Google. Whilst it was suspected that this was due to Panda or Penguin changes, it has now been confirmed by John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google that the changes observed are in fact due to a core ranking algorithm update. This came about from a series of Tweets addressing the ranking changes on the 12th January. 


Rumours of an update had been rife all last weekend. There were considerable changes to global rankings, arousing suspicions that something was happening. Many search engine optimisation (SEO) experts had been expecting a Penguin update since the beginning of 2016 – Penguin hasn’t seen a major update since 2014 - so lots of people were reaching the conclusion that this had come to fruition. 


Whilst Google has come forwards to confirm the changes, the exact nature of the updates still hasn’t been revealed. However, webmasters the world over are already beginning to look into the results and deduce some common denominators. Many are coming to the conclusion that websites with poor, thin, outdated content seem to have been hit the hardest. 


Some of the top tips for avoiding getting penalised by a Google update include: 


  • Refreshing content on a regular basis to make it new, interesting and useful
  • Keeping content up-to-date and relevant for your target audience
  • Avoiding spammy content, instead writing in an informative, authoritative way 


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