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Promote your Business using Twitter Ads10th December 2013

Twitter recently followed in the footsteps of major social media networks Facebook and LinkedIn and launched their very own pay per click (PPC) advertising platform, Twitter Ads.

The popular social media network confirmed last October that there are approximately 100 million daily active Twitter users, with 500 million tweets posted each day. This can create difficulties for businesses using Twitter as a marketing tool to reach their audience, because there can be times when tweets are not being found regularly, consequently meaning there is less activity, and this is where Twitter Ads can be of assistance.

There are two types of campaigns that can be set up using Twitter Ads; a Promoted Tweets campaign and a Promoted Account campaign. A Promoted Tweets works similarly to regular tweets with the “added bonus of reaching both current and potential followers you target.”

The targeting options include geography, device, similarity to existing followers, interests and gender. The same options can be used in a Promoted Account campaign, which is created to help you reach more followers that may be interested in your brand.

Payments will only be taken out of your budget if an individual follows you, clicks on your Promoted Tweets, or retweets, favourites or replies to one of your tweets.

Freetimers can set up and manage your Twitter Ads campaign to potentially increase visibility, sales and maximise return on investment (ROI). To find out more about our social media strategies and our range of web marketing services, then call us today on 01604-628429.



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