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The Rise in Content Marketing17th June 2014

A 2014 Study by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reflects that 76% of UK marketers are producing more content than they did a year ago, while 56% plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months. The study (Content Marketing in the UK: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends) outlines the importance of content marketing in a web marketing strategy, while the five most frequently used tactics (in order of popularity) are social media content, blogs, articles on your website, E-newsletters and case studies. Each of these types of content will have its own purposes, but the study states that the top two organisational goals for content marketing in the UK are raising brand awareness and improving audience engagement. Social media marketing can be used to help a business appear accessible and approachable. This is because individuals across the globe can see their content, comment on it, raise questions and share it. Loyalty can also be built up over time from regular engaging content on social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, while different channels can also help your business stay at the top of a prospective customers’ mind for future purchases.

Clear goals are important in a content marketing strategy, and with a plan you can identify what you want to achieve; perhaps a significant increase in ‘fans’ or ‘followers’, more enquiries, more orders placed for a particular product or an increase in website visitors. To ensure a social media strategy is effective it’s important to maintain regular activity, and that’s why it should be seen as a commitment, rather than a short-term marketing tactic.

Blogs also require regular activity, and lack of fresh content can mean that visitors are unlikely to keep returning. E-newsletters and other forms of email marketing campaigns should ideally have a different level of occurrence. Too many emails to an individual throughout a day can be considered too much, and it’s important to agree early on how frequent you want to be before you start an email campaign.

Content marketing can see your visitors move through your various forms of content, and they may see a post on Twitter with a link to a news item on your website, where they then find an icon to your blog. This illustrates the importance of producing well-balanced content, making sure every channel’s content is tailored for a specific audience. Without tailored content, one prospective customer may find identical news items or articles, rather finding further engaging content that makes them eager to explore your channels further.

The amount of content being produced by businesses continues to increase and that’s because it’s valuable to businesses and their customers, however, to be effective it has to be planned in advance and published on a regular basis, while taking your customers’ specific requirements into consideration.

Source: Content Marketing in the UK: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Content Marketing Institute/DMA UK


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