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George Davies Turf SEO Case Study

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George Davies Turf - SEO Case Study

Founded in 2001, George Davies Turf now supplies turf to a growing number of golf courses, leading housing developers, landscaping contractors and a huge number of residential gardens. George approached Freetimers in February 2010 for us to develop a brand new website and 12 months later we were asked to start our search engine optimisation service. Since then, the site and business have gone from one success to another. Freetimers has steadily increased the keyword search phrases from an initial 170, to 596, and now in 2020 to 1177. Of these, the site has 615 Google No1s, more than 900  in the top 5 results and 1000+ in the top 10. Since working with us the business has quintupled in size.

Now on their 3rd website with us, since 2011 our SEO service has expanded in line with the business growth and its increasing geographical targets within the UK. We also assist with a myriad of other services including Adwords campaigns,conversion rate optimisation, social media assistance, content marketing and email marketing. With a multi-channel marketing approach, we also provide detailed monthly reports and multi-channel attribution analysis. 

For non-marketing costs we manage their website, hosting, website design and development, and advanced programming, including of a recently completed sophisticated touch-screen dynamic logistics application, designed to streamline their stock allocations, purchasing, sales invoicing and delivery logistics over multiple lorries and depots.

Top 5 Rankings (of 1050 total) 947
Top 10 Rankings (of 1050 total) 1032
Sales Turnover Increase +500%
Search Engine Optimisation (On-site and Off-site)
Search Engine Results Monitoring & Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Website Popularity Improvement
Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Email Marketing
Pay Per Click (Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin)
Advanced Analytics, Goal Setting and Continuous Improvement
Multi-Channel, Attribution Analysis and Call Tracking (Google Analytics Integrated)
Landing Pages Design & Development
Keyword Analysis
Search Engine Rank Tracking


The results since 2011 have been nothing short of spectacular, one could quite rightly say "text-book". As you can see by the graph the visitor rates have skyrocketed from less than 1000 visits per month in 2010 to more than 35000 in March 2020.  The seasonality of the business is clear and mirrors the figure shown in Google Trends.

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