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Greatly increase visibility, visitors, enquiries and sales with our professional results-driven Search Engine Optimisation services.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Freetimers Web Marketing provides bespoke search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies which will be tailored to your specific business. We’ve already helped a wide range of businesses, both small and large, to reach and retain top positions on Google and the other popular search engines.

Higher Google Rankings           Increased Website Visitors        More Enquiries & Conversions      Increased Sales

The internet is teeming with consumers who are actively searching for products and services, so it is very demand orientated, and the search engines, particularly Google, are where this search usually takes place. As the internet becomes increasingly central to our everyday lives, the number of consumers using the Internet increases every day. People now use desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones to carry out their searches wherever and whenever they want. We can help you to turn these internet users into your customers with our cutting-edge SEO service. By developing an optimisation strategy, we’ll inject that extra burst of energy into your site, giving it what it needs to compete for the top search result spots.

Our processes are thorough and methodical – we don’t miss a trick when it comes to SEO. Our knowledgeable team will begin by carrying out in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis. This ensures that we select the most relevant phrases for your business sector, giving you a greater return for every click. We will then carry out a number of on-site and off-site SEO techniques, targeting highly effective keywords whilst constantly monitoring rankings and the organic traffic which arrives at your website.

Why not take advantage of a free SEO audit? It is the perfect starting point if you’re thinking about improving your SEO. Our web marketing team will efficiently review your website, searching for any possible issues that could be affecting your search engine rankings and ascertaining where improvements can be made. We’ve also helped a number of clients to remove Google penalties if they’ve been hit by a Panda or Penguin update. If this has affected you too, we’ll cleanse your site and create a campaign that will solve your problems and even has the power to better your previous results.

To speak to one of our SEO Consultants about devising a search engine optimisation strategy in conjunction with Freetimers, call us on 0800 4584260.

Our Services
On-site Optimisation

On-Site optimisation is a key on-going element in any professional SEO service, all designed to make your website as relevant as possible to the searches your potential customers make.  'Content is King' as they say, but for SEO it's about the right content in the right places and in the right way so Google and the other major search engines will register and record it.  Keeping up with the daily changes Google makes is also a vital part of our service.  There are hundreds of factors and we know how to prioritise them.

Off-Site Optimisation

Freetimers has helped small and large businesses increase website rankings (and traffic as a result) by producing engaging content on their website that other sites want to link to (link bait). These genuine, highly relevant links work as a crucial component in a search marketing strategy, and they play a pivotal role in improving rankings.  We also audit and develop your site's profile to ensure backlinks are relevant and authoritative and do not result in Google penalties.

Keyword Analysis

We not only analyse search frequencies, competition and relevancy of search phrases, we’re constantly monitoring our clients’ rankings for the most important terms. Whether you’re looking to target generic, local or long-tail keywords, we can decide on the most suitable phrases for your site, taking your budget into account.

Google Penalty Removal

Removing a Google penalty is no easy task, it requires meticulous planning, discipline, experience and an excellent understanding on Google’s algorithms. If your website traffic is flat lining because you’re suffering from a Panda or Penguin penalty, we can create a tailored plan that brings your traffic levels back to normal.

Free Website Audit

A Free SEO Audit with Freetimers will give you the information you need to make SEO improvements to your website. We can quickly identify any technical issues on your website which could be affecting rankings, and our report will give you a good understanding on your site's current performance. 

Monthly Reporting

Our monthly web marketing reports illustrate how your website is performing in terms of Google rankings and website traffic (using server statistics and Google Analytics). Our series of tables and graphs present data simply, showing your progress with Freetimers from the very first day one of your web marketing campaign.

Why Use SEO?

It is a well known fact now that most people and businesses use search engines to find whatever they are looking for on the Internet, whether this be to find information or to purchase products or services.  Whenever people are looking to purchase or recommend a product, they may also go through a drawn-out process of finding everything they need to know about it before they make a purchase.  This means their investigation could involve a wide range of searches using a variety of phrases and a timespan from hours to weeks or months.  Further, the searches they make may alter significantly from the very general to the very specific, or from the national or international to the local.

Used effectively, SEO (search engine optimisation) targets this complete process, and progressively expands to cover both the generic and the specific or niche searches (refered to as 'longtail' search phrases).   Professional SEO seeks to capture the demand already present on the web and to direct that to your website, usually by making sure your website is listed on the first page (or better) of the search engine's ranked results for that search.  Google is by far the most popular search engine, capturing roughly 90%+ of all the searches made on the Internet in the UK.  By achieving high rankings in Google's search results, SEO can increase the traffic (visitor rate) to your website dramatically, and can make a huge difference in the amount of sales a website can deliver. Every website and sector is different. We will determine how best we can optimise your website using a combination of methods and channels, to increase visitors, maximise its potential and increase the sales and enquiry rates it can deliver to you.

The Freetimers Web Marketing business has nearly 20 years experience in SEO, basically from even before the acronym was used , so we have significant direct knowledge and experience of how the search engines have evolved and how they work.  We have developed a scientific approach to SEO, so we know what works and what doesn't, and we don't necessarily believe all the hype and propoganda that is available on the Internet, or spread around by the search engines themselves. We continuously adapt to Google's methods and guidelines, ensuring the pages we build and optimise really do work to get your site's rankings up into the top 10.

To find out how Freetimers Web Marketing can help your company please contact us on 01604 628429

Other Web Marketing Services
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Get instant access to Google and other major platforms such as Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn, with our Google qualified and very experienced Pay per Click Experts.  We can help set up, manage and optimise your campaigns regardless of whether you have a small or large budget.  Increase your sales and improve your ROI.

Social Media

A Social Media presence is a must for most organisations in today's world.  Our team can help you set it up, choose the right platforms for your business, and then manage the on-going process, ensuring your social presence benefits your brand, engages with customers, and generates more sales and greater customer loyalty.

Content Marketing

Engage with potential customers and reinforce your branding with content marketing and outreach campaigns. Articles, email marketing, blogging, infographics and more, we can help you interact with customers on any device, any time, any where.

If you're interested in working with us, or perhaps have a question about a service we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.
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