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Like most modern technical disciplines, the Web Marketing and SEO community has developed a mind-blowing array of new phrases and acronyms to baffle the world with.  We do try to not play this game if we can, but sometimes it is difficult!  Our Glossary below is our modest attempt to try to help our clients and potential clients weave their way through the jargon maze.  We hope it helps.

Citation Flow

A measurement index created by Majestic which assesses the quantity of in-bound (back) links to a website and its individual pages.  Along with Trust Flow, it is part of Majestic's alternative to Google's Page Rank index.

Content Marketing

A 'catch-all' phrase which could include any marketing that is based on engaging with potential customers through providing informative, topical and interesting content.  Can include social media marketing, blogging, content outreach, email marketing and more, perhaps including the website itself.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

The process of analysing, amending and improving any marketing material, web page, or other content in order to improve its ability to get the reader to act, usually in the form of making an enquiry, sending an email, making a phone call, sharing information with others, or making a purchase.  CRO can be very sophisticated and is a never-ending process as almost any material can be improved.  Copy, design, grahics, persona targeting, calls to action, user experience (ux) and customer journey all play a part.  CRO can make a huge difference in the performance of any marketing material.


Cost Per Click, used as a basis for much on-line advertising, including Pay Per Click (PPC)


Conversion Rate Optimisation

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