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Like most modern technical disciplines, the Web Marketing and SEO community has developed a mind-blowing array of new phrases and acronyms to baffle the world with.  We do try to not play this game if we can, but sometimes it is difficult!  Our Glossary below is our modest attempt to try to help our clients and potential clients weave their way through the jargon maze.  We hope it helps.

Page Rank

A measurment index invented by Google which assesses the strength, authority and trust level of a website and its individual pages.  An important part of Google's search engine algorithm, it is a major factor in determining where a website will rank in the search results for any given search.  It is still used by Google to this day, however from spring 2016 Google now keeps the index secret.


Pay Per Click is a method of advertising based upon allowing potential advertisers to bid against each other for the best positions.  Advertisers will bid on the price per click through they are prepared to pay when someone clicks on their link and then goes to their website.  There are simple and complex implementations of PPC, and the most well known version is Google Adwords.  One of the main virtues of PPC is that it can be set up very quickly, but because it is based on an auction, costs can be very high, particularly where they is high levels of competition.

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