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Welcome to the Freetimers SEO & Web Marketing Blog!  This blog is entirely devoted to that beast of a subject, Online Marketing, a substantial segment of which is associated with SEO.  If you know us, you will also know that our SEO work is amongst the best anywhere, so we hope you will enjoy this blog and that you find it of some use.

So, happy SEO!

Greg Poulson, Managing Director, Freetimers

Getting your site higher in Google Having your website rank highly in Google is one of the major necessities for attaining your goal's on the internet, particularly if increasing visitor rates or sales are important for you. I know for most of our clients this is definitely the case!� So what's involved? How do you it?

1. Self Help SEO

First of all, Google likes content.� In fact I'd go further�the way Google behaves they love content.� Why?� Because they like discriminating against businesses!� First and foremost, Google wants you to use Google Adwords, its Pay Per Click (PPC) service.� Adwords is where Google makes its money, and why they're worth $50Billion and we're not.� So, what Google does is use every subtle little trick it can think of to force businesses to use Adwords.� As a balancing act with people using its search engine, Google then presents itself as the search engine that can find you the best, most relevant content.� It there...

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