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For a business to truly embrace digital marketing, they must look at all avenues, and this can be extremely difficult, especially when you're trying to make it all work within a marketing strategy. Today search engine optimisation (SEO), is a vital tool which helps make sure the content you publish on your website is actually found when a relevant keyword has been typed in by a potential customer.

Along with this, pay per click (PPC) is increasingly popular for those who aim to sell online, proving to be an extremely quick method to ensure your product adverts are found on the first page of Google paid results. Recently social media marketing is becoming increasingly used, especially with the enormous popularity of some social media websites, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Social media sites can also help businesses reach out to potential customers, whilst also offering a new market to advertise.

Blogs also offer a similar way of interacting with clients, and together with social media websites they can help produce current referring content around a business. It must be said that emails can also still play a pivotal role, especially considering they can be read and sent on numerous devices, whether its mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players or games consoles among others. This is where another cause for concern arises for businesses in particular, because they must now make sure their content across all platforms is digital-friendly and viewable on numerous devices, and not just desktop computers. The digital routes for marketing are growing all the time, now eBay and Amazon stores can be used to sell products, rather than just through a main website.

This can at times cause complications when price changes and products need to be changed, and having an eBay and Website integrated management system is an option to increase efficiency. These possibilities for digital marketing can all play a part in gaining a significant return on investment (ROI), and depending on the business, not all of them will need to be utilised, but it's still important to be open to digital marketing routes, and it's just as important to watch them develop.

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