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A blog can be an effective part of a web marketing strategy, especially if it is set up and managed correctly. Blogs can be significant to businesses who really want to connect with their customers and understand them better. A blog can work alongside your website and give your company a voice, allowing you to talk about whatever you like, perhaps your business's latest products, which can potentially increase sales.

Blogs can work within a social media marketing mix, and because networks such as Twitter have limited characters for their posts, links to your blog can be posted on social media pages to provide your target audience with additional relevant content across all major platforms on a regular basis. Like websites, blogs do require regular maintenance, and it's important to keep your blog fresh and up to date, especially if you want to increase visitor rates, enquiries, conversions, sales and return on investment for your business (ROI). Creating a blog to form part of your web marketing strategy can help your business define its target audience. You can increase focus with regular targeted content, which can in turn increase subscriptions for email campaigns if you wish to do so.

Freetimers has created blogs for a wide range of businesses from different industries, and we can maintain them with in-house copywriters capable of producing regular targeted and persuasive content. To find out more about blogs and our additional social media marketing strategies, get in touch with Freetimers Web Marketing today on 0800 4584260.  

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