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Many people are perhaps aware of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, yet there are many other social media networks that are well worth considering if you want to fully engage with your target audience, and Pinterest is one of them. Pinterest is a social media network that's well suited to imagery, so if your business's website has visually appealing images, the probability is that your 'pins' will get 're-pinned' (liked and shared) more frequently; helping your business reach a different audience. Pinterest is a useful tool for showcasing your products and your website content, whilst potentially directing Pinterest users to your website, and converting them into customers.

If your website frequently publishes images; perhaps in blog posts, product pages or in news items, then Pinterest can be used to pin that content to a relevant board (fronted by the image in your website's content), possibly reaching an audience that wouldn't have been exposed to using other or existing social media marketing channels. Freetimers Web Marketing can help make sure your business is using suitable social media pages correctly to engage with your audience, and Pinterest may be an ideal social media network for your business.

Our team has set-up and managed a range of social media campaigns for our clients to improve their online exposure and potentially improve enquiries, conversions, sales and return on investment (ROI). To find out more about our range of social media services, call Freetimers today on 01604-628429.  

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