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You may be aware of some of our great Search Engine Optimisation success stories, particularly for some of our bigger clients. The reason we get such success is primarily because of our better understanding of Google's search results algorithm than most other SEO practitioners. This allows us to achieve some phenomenal results in some of the internet's most competitive markets, but it also works extremely well for local markets.

If you have a small business trading in one to three counties, our local SEO can get you some amazing results, and keep them that way, and at less cost than you may expect. A case in point is our client Avant-Garde Roofing, a small professional flat roofing business operating in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bedford and their respective counties. We started their SEO work in June 2011, and now at the end of November 2011, we are working on 325 search phrases. So far we have achieved 80 No.1 positions for them, 150+ top 5 rankings and nearly 200 top 10. Their traffic has increased by more than 100% and it is growing, and so are their enquiry rates.

The difference between Freetimers and most SEO practitioners is stark. We continuously grow the number of search phrases our clients rank for, whereas most of our competitors will only work on 1-20 phrases. If you look at some of the packages offered locally, you will find numerous examples of this. By contrast, we want our clients to rank in the top positions on Google for every relevant search that we and the client can think of, starting with those which have the highest search volumes and the greatest prospect for delivering business to our client's door. This approach means our clients eventually dominate the search engines, putting them literally in an unassailable position. And this also means business growth and lots of it.

One of our clients has achieved a 7,500% visitor growth rate in 5 years and changed from being a local retailer to No.1 in the UK in their market. Another has achieved a 5,898% increase in 16 months. We know these figures seem unbelievable, but they are real figures. If this is the kind of growth your business is looking for, contact us straight away.

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