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In our last post, we discussed our local SEO work, and in the last month, we have another great example of how quickly success can be achieved in substantially improving our client's Google search engine results (ie SERPS).

In this case, our client, a dental practice in Leicestershire recommended to Freetimers, had a website that was not achieving much at all in terms of first page positions. His web developers had done some very basic search engine optimisation, but so limited it did not come close to encompassing what the practice was trying to target. To make up for the lack of organic search results, the client was paying another fairly high priced agency to undertake a Google Adwords campaign, and also getting quite poor value for money. Our plan was to re-optimise the site, adding some targeted landing pages as well, and then to operate a monthly process of link popularity building, on-site SEO, and current referring content on a continuous improvement basis, to a much lower monthly budget that the client could easily afford.

The SEO marketing plan was locally focused, and whilst it would target search phrases related to Leicester and Leicestershire, to begin with, it would evolve to expand coverage radially outward from that location. We are now 6 weeks into the plan. First, our search engine marketing research identified approximately 450 search phrases to target. Note here it's not one phrase, three phrases, 10 phrases or twenty phrases, quoted by most SEO practitioners, but 450.

To date (ie after only 6 weeks) we have achieved 61 No 1 positions on Google, 142 top 5 positions, and 198 top 10 rankings. These ranking improvements include both local market results, and generic search phrase results for some of our client's most important target markets, so we are confident these results will deliver massive business benefits.

We are only just beginning too! Our work will not stop with search engine rankings but will evolve within our client's budget to cover all aspects of Internet Marketing, including enquiry conversion rate improvement and assistance with social media.

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