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Search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click marketing offer different results in many ways, often companies use PPC as a short term strategy to gain quick visitors to their site with SEO a longer based project to gain the top spot on the organic SERP's on Google for example.


The main differential between SEO and PPC is tracking, PPC offers distinct analytics into how many impressions developed into clicks (CTR, click-through rate) and from those how many conversions that resulted in. SEO can't offer similar tracking resources although keyword research can be gained from eventual website stats, though this is a much longer process and is usually discounted.

Website SEO Benefits Outweigh Its Pitfalls!

PPC Basks in the Sunshine Of Instant Glory, Though Hides Once The Sun Gets Hot!

SEO vs. PPC (Which is Better?)

Search engine optimisation is not as clear cut as PPC as it’s not as quantifiable (at least in the short term). Whereas if you spend £200 to generate £2000 of business (in a particular time frame) that you can reinvest profits to create more conversions. The problem being that whilst PPC is vastly effective once invested upon, the moment that budget runs out so do your visitors. SEO, on the other hand, will produce short term viewers and long-term traffic and that traffic is a tangible asset which can be determined as a valuable investment.

In similar terms to offline advertising, PPC is much like a billboard advertisement which is seen while it is there but needs constant payments and work to keep it there. Whereas SEO is like handing out business cards over many years, those cards will circulate and develop into a preference to your company, just like Google indexing system the more people who like you (link to), the better your deliverance (SEO techniques) and the longevity of your site the higher in SERP's you will be.

Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

The pinnacle of SEO is actionable landing pages, providing a targeted advanced SEO page to the exact viewer, providing the fundamental reasons behind that viewer visiting that page in particular cuts out a high percentage of bounce rate, while also demonstrating clear and concise reasons for that viewer to comply to what it is your offering. Basic principle is to match user expectation with the SEO demands of which that page needs to incorporate to reach the targeted audience in the first place.

Though general practice within the service industry at least is that the landing pages in question are simply "doorway" like pages to get the viewer there and to click on the relevant link they require, actually the content would be far more appropriate if it was directly fashionable to their reason for coming to that page. Generally, e-commerce sites would be suitably designed to be POS exchanges.

Every searcher on Google for example subliminally wishes to produce a SERP which they presume to be accurate, it is up to SEO specialist to tailor their ads and tags to attract that instinct of desire to their targeted landing page.

This "instinct" can be attracted by words, calls to action, videos, images, titles, descriptions or anything embedded on that page which used effectively in conjunction with SEO techniques produce an exact or at least close match to the searcher's requirements.

SEO Specialists

The job of the SEO specialist is to satisfy the search engines and the end user together with a combination of adds, tags, and landing pages in order to maximise the CTR on any search at any given time. Satisfying both is not an easy job, combining, relevancy, link strategy, keywords and presumed authority is the task daily encountered by optimisers.

Times in the SEO world are changing SMM (social media marketing)is becoming more and more prominent in the marketing industry with sites like Twitter and Facebook developing business website viewers to new heights than ever before. In turn, developing SMM techniques means better customer profiling, a rise in awareness, huge direct marketing prospects, coupled with the inherent and constant stream of quality viewers to the individual pages, blogs or articles builds a fan base for each technique. The key to success is combining the benefits of each practice and discounting the disadvantages by using another method to produce the long term goals of the marketing function.

Most importantly when driving for SEO stardom, keep an eye on Google Updates, Test Centers and Latest Indexing Penalties

In conclusion to the above content on SEO and PPC characteristics, the way I look at it is as if SEO and PPC is a big postbox with two options "first-class/fast delivery" and "second class/reliably hasty".

I use this description to simply show a real-world example of SEO's and PPC's effectiveness, "first-class/fast delivery" reflects the fast effectiveness of PPC and the way in which it demonstrates the quick deliverance of visitors to a site. "Second class/reliably hasty" reflects slow but steady and still vastly effective if done correctly.

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