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It's not always possible to provide an effective overview of a business on one dedicated page, and that's why LinkedIn has created showcase pages; allowing companies to create a separate page for various aspects of their business. Some organisations will contain a selection of different teams or departments, and it can be beneficial for these teams to display their own messages, to their own audiences. Showcase pages are extensions of your LinkedIn company page, while there is a maximum of 10 free showcase pages for each business, making them ideal if you have numerous differentiating departments within your business.

Showcase pages are built to be more focused than company pages, mainly because they take a step away from the business as a whole, and focus only on one business department or section. LinkedIn aims to help various businesses build 'trusting relationships' and by showcasing your business through unique pages, you're able to share more information about your business, and potentially reach a targeted audience. Freetimers has helped a range of our clients set up and manage LinkedIn accounts, and we can help your business share more relevant information, and give each business department or division a platform for their unique voice, potentially reaching targeted audiences and building significant business relationships.

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