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After the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) decided not to pursue a lawsuit against Google, it would seem that the internet giant has free reign to develop the future of search engines how it sees fit.

This has got us thinking about what could be next for Google. Over the past few years, we have seen some massive changes in the way that Google displays our search results. It's been a long time since a search resulted in the 10 most popular links. Google has moved away from directing you to other sites and has started to answer your questions. Think about it: you search for an address. Google maps provide you with a map and directions whether you need to get there by car, public transport or foot.

Search for a local restaurant; Google local will display opening times, contact information and reviews from other customers. So what do we think is next for the search engine? Google has always said that they want to make the search experience easier, faster and more accurate for users. With massive improvements in voice recognition software, industry experts believe that this will be key in Google's next step. The eventual outcome seems likely to be that people will be able to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to simply ask a question and Google will provide the answer. With the internet becoming increasingly crowded, it is an on-going task for companies to ensure that their website can be found. Freetimers works with businesses from a range of industries to ensure that their site is visible on the internet and is picked up by search engines.

Google has a massive impact on business and the way it works is regularly changing and evolving. Companies need to continually invest and engage in developing their website to ensure that customers and potential clients can find them, comments Greg Poulson of Freetimers.

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