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Pay per Click Marketing (PPC) can be one of the most effective online marketing methods, especially if a campaign is set up and managed appropriately.

Today there is a range of PPC providers, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Foursquare Ads. This does not necessarily mean you have to choose one pay per click provider, you could use various platforms to form part of a successful pay per click campaign. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are both search engine pay per click providers. They allow you to bid on search phrases that are relevant to your business, and if your bid is deemed high enough, you will pay that fee each time a potential customer clicks on your advert. Facebook Ads can help you reach your target audience by specifying their location, age, gender and interests.

You can then create an advertisement that is targeted to the customer you want your advertisement to attract. LinkedIn Ads is another popular social media PPC provider, and it also benefits from targeting options, including seniority, company, job title, job function, school, skills group, gender, age and network. LinkedIn Ads aims to use its 'precision targeting' to help businesses reach a largely professional user base. Foursquare Ads is quite different, it focuses on local businesses, and it will show adverts nearby to individuals who are out searching for a shop or a place to visit next, perhaps on their smartphone or tablet. Foursquare can then potentially help local businesses attract more visitors into their stores.

Using a variety of PPC providers can help businesses reach a wider audience, and Freetimers has been helping a range of businesses from different industries set up and manage successful PPC campaigns. We are currently offering a Google AdWords voucher for new clients, allowing them to turn �25 of AdWords credit into �100.

To find out more about our PPC services or our range of additional web marketing methods, get in touch with Freetimers Web Marketing today on 0800 4584260.  

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